Today, Comfort and Energy problem have a solution.


Solar control is becoming a necessity because of global warming, increased utility cost, natural depression of energy sources and increased demand of air conditioning systems.

Comfort is paramount with the increase of window space in new homes and office buildings.

Fading of valuables including furniture, carpeting and other sun-exposed items continue to be an issue and is caused by the direct or indirect exposure to the sun.

Appearance of many property can be enhanced by addition of window films.   Uniform appearance with selection of colors that provide maximum value for this future.

Safety for loved ones and precious positions from flying glass splinters in case of storms and natural disaster is a benefit provided by several window film products.  We at Global have designed specialized products for the more serious application.

Warranty is benefit that comes with every SUNGATE  purchases.   The nationally supported and factory filled warranty include the cost of labor if the film should require replacement.   Ask your professional for the copy of limited warranty.  


Your solution is  the 
"Sungate series"

The SUNGATE Series is designed to help revolve all your energy problems with a non-intrusive passive solar heat rejection system that works 24 hours a day.   This product group incorporates sophisticated metal technologies that provide various choices of heat rejection properties and a selection of colors that can enhance appearance of your property. 

"Grey" Color is designed to look like factory glass and provides significant Glare reduction.  These colors are available in 5%, 20% and 35% light transmission.   Each film offers heat- rejecting benefits ranging from 40% to 68%.

"Bronze" is truly today's most popular color for the soft factory glass look.   In addition to reduction of  Glare, UV and heat, this product is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.   Available in Light transmissions of 25% and 35%.

"Neutral", an almost invisible product that rejects heat and offers all features and benefits including passing 50% of light.  You'll need to look twice to see if this product has been applied.   This is an excellent choice when a lot of natural light is needed and you'll still require heat rejection.

"Silver" the most traditional flim for the major task of rejecting heat with a minimum of light rejection with all the benefits and features.   This product is available in light transmission of 20% and 35%.