All Global Window Films are carefully designed colors that allow the professionals to mix and match products with a wide array for you to choose.   Each series  is a "Family" of colors that will provide great satisfaction in the choice of global brand.   All Global products have scratch resistant coating.

Quick Dry Series: 
As the name implies, this charcoal Non-Reactive series of films provide for quick installation and rear window fit that assure each customer immediate satisfaction due to minimal drying time.  Films are available in 5%, 20%,38% and 50% light transmissions. human hair extensions

Charcoal Premium:
Truly a high performance series of charcoal films that provide maximum heat rejection and light control.  Designed for the form fitted look that is seen on new car advertisements.   Films are available in 10%,20% and 35% light transmissions.

Very Special Films:
For the special show car or special requirement, Global window films offers specialty films  for the professionals that include blue and a 35% light transmission and green with a 40% light transmission.  

Safety for the auto:
Global also offers a four mill thick Charcoal 35% light transmission (Non Reflective) for those special safety requirements on vehicles that require special protection.

Satisfaction via the Global Limited lifetime warranty:
The product's limited life time warranty provided at no extra cost by Global has a client protection benefit of a factory filed copy, assuring a valued warranty for the life of ownership of the vehicle.