The Professional Choice


        Over twenty-five years ago, the Gareware family shares a vision of quality products that would be totally independent of outside sourcing of materials.   The idea was to ensure total quality from beginning to end .  The vision of providing the highest internal  Quality Control in the processing of Polyester  served as the driving force that led to  development of the Worldwide Sun Control Films brand. 

        Over the last quarter of a century the company has grown into a World Leader of Polyester products.   As a ISO 9002 certified company,  we continue to employ the most sophisticated method of manufacturing from the beginning to the end of the process.  

        This uniqueness in manufacturing of Solar Control  Window films makes the Worldwide Sun Control Films brand stand apart from its competitions.  Our international expertise and dept of skills are responsible for the premium standards of Worldwide Sun Control Films Window Films.

        For more information on Worldwide Sun Control window film products, please contact us. brazilian hair