Safety and Security series.

GLOBAL is proud to offer a selection of security and safety products.   These specially designed films will reduce the hazards of flying glass and not interfere with the aesthetics of the window system.   The 4 Mil thick films are also available in Silver 35%, Light transmission and a non reflective Charcoal with 35% light.

Available in 7 Mil clear, 4 Mil clear, and 4 Mil silver and charcoal.   These products have been tested by a number of prestigious independent laboratories.  Please ask your Global representative for specific performance data.

For those special Needs,
Global window films
offer a unique selection of solutions.

Did you ever need to have an opaque window?
Do you have a situation that requires the elimination of all light?
Would you need some light but a decorative color on an opaque glass?

The Global Specialty series is the answer
with an outstanding choice of products. 

Black Out:  A thin film designed to keep 100% of the light from passing through the glass with a polished Black look from exterior of the glass.

White Out:  Also a thin film that removes 85% of the light passing through glass and has a white exterior look.

White matte:  It has that "frosted look" that lets in 75% of light but makes the window opaque.

Gray Matte:  Has that same "frosted look" but Grey in color letting in 35% of the light.

Bronze Matte:  Provides for an opaque window and lets in 35% of light.

Silver Matte: Rejects more heat then most matt opaque films and silver to the glass side.

"Limited Edition"  

Global Window Films is proud to offer a very special program for New Car sales that includes specialized Limited editions products.   Please ask us for specifics on this special program. hair extensions uk